How can authentication solutions protect my brand reputation?

When you have a counterfeit and/or diversion problem, authentication and track and trace solutions are the answer. By integrating Izon® technology into labels or packaging, we can help protect your revenues and brand reputation. Our highly secure consumer-level anti-counterfeit solutions have been built on 200 years of security printing expertise. Our product selection includes tamper evident seals and closures, tracking solutions to prevent diversion and a complete portfolio of overt, covert and digital technologies.

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Why companies use brand protection and authentication

Counterfeiting and illicit trade have an impact on all parts of society

Impact on Brands & Enterprise

  • Reduces brand value & damages brand reputation

  • Reduces size of legitimate goods market
  • Increases fraudulent claims and returns
  • Discourages reinvestment into innovation & limits investment in jobs and skill development
  • Detrimental to reputation





Impact on Consumers
  • Lack of trust in brands
  • Consumer health and well-being threatened by illicit manufacture
  • Unsafe products, hardware, electronics, consumables

Impact on Government
  • Reduces government revenues due to tax evasion
  • Stunts economic growth and limits investment in infrastructure

Our Solutions


For brand owners who need the most secure, visual, anti-counterfeit technology available.

Izon® anti-counterfeit technology enables fast, overt product authentication through the use of unique 3D images, custom designed for simple and intuitive visual verification. This proprietary design allows customers to see around all four sides of the 3D object and verify authenticity immediately.

  • Make product verification simple and intuitive
  • Full 3D parallax and image depth
  • Easily integrated with packaging
  • Tamper-evident features




Brand eVerification and Product Tracking Solution

De La Rue's Traceology® is a cloud based product verification system that tracks products and provides critical information such as batch, lot, and part number. Traceology® can also enable consumer based marketing programs.

Traceology® allows brand owners and other large multi-national organisations the ability to track and e-verify their products globally using 2D barcodes and secure serialization. The Izon® and Traceology® combination can provide immediate multi-factor verification and consumer peace of mind.

Traceology® manages hundreds of millions of records annually for our customers across an array of industries.

  • The scope of track and trace from label printer to first product manufacturer
  • Unique GS1 barcode support
  • Ability to track individual labels from source to consumption
  • Data management system
  • Web architecture with User/Password based access
  • Single central web site per customer
  • Alpha-numeric serial number that allows verification

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What are product authentication labels?

Product authentication labels are custom images integrated into labels for fast and easy verification of product and/or brand authenticity. 3D holograms on authentication labels are very difficult to counterfeit due to specialised and technologically advanced processes and equipment.

Brand protection and authentication labels.

Fully customised to meet your needs with track and trace technology an additional option.

Case Studies

Discover how our clients have used Izon® to help them deter counterfeiters and protect their products.

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