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    Banknote Conference 2018

    De La Rue at the 2018 Banknote Conference.

    De La Rue announced multiple product and service launches, along with new partnerships at this year's Banknote conference.

    Over 680 delegates from more than 200 organisations, including 90 central banks, attended Banknote Conference which took place in Dallas, Texas in May 2018.

    De La Rue launched a series of design features to support our polymer offering, based on the remarkable versatility of Safeguard®.

    • Illuminate uses a combination of inks, including matte and iridescent inks, to inject vivid colour and unique texture into the polymer window.
    • Rotate is a design technique that creates a fully registered image on both sides of the polymer note.
    • Integrate is the next generation of watermarking for polymer. Integrate injects colour directly into the different print layers of the substrate itself.

    IlluminateRotate  Integrate






    Download the De La Rue presentation 

    Click here for the presentation by Dr Thomas Quirke 

    The Top 5 Changes in Banknotes in the Next 5 Years

    Data Driven and Evidence Based Decisions in Design, Security Features, Substrate and Printing




    De La Rue announces partnership with PNO Global

    De La Rue is pleased to announce that it has entered into a joint development agreement with PNO Global, the producer of the Snowfish® SP fitness deck generator. 

    PNO Global

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