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      High Security Authentication Labels

      De La Rue has been creating brand protection solutions for over 30 years, applying our expertise and proven track record in security sectors to the specific challenges facing your brand. De La Rue designs, originates and manufactures holographic labels and hot stamping foils. Holography remains a key element of any brand protection solution due to the versatility of effects. Holograms provide quick authentication through immediate visual verification and additionally through the use of a smartphone application for secondary validation and added interaction with the end user. Our highly secure PURE™ and IZON® holographic labels engage users, enhance products and enforce brand and anti-piracy programs. De La Rue offers both embossed PURE™ and Lippman IZON® holograms in a very wide range of label formats.



      Our PURE™ labels are created using advanced government grade embossed holography effects, as used in high security documents. PURE™ offers flexibility in terms of bold colour and effects to enhance your brand and engage users. The holograms have an always-on appearance; they are visible in every environment and work at every angle. We use a broad range of holographic effects which are aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant to replication using commercial origination systems.


      IZON® labels, produced by our highly differentiated Lippmann holography platform, provide incredible 3D effects, viewable in full parallax. The IZON® effects enable simple and intuitive authentication for supply chain stakeholders and end users. There are few companies worldwide who can reproduce Lippmann holograms in volume, and the 3D photopolymer film materials are strictly controlled with a secure supply chain, making this technology highly resistant to reproduction or simulation.

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      The De La Rue Traceology® Gateway provides robust e-verification through mobile apps and analytics tools for the enforcement officer and antipiracy teams. Traceology® also supports a consumer mobile verification app. Each authentication label carries a unique serial number which is recorded in the Traceology® database. This code is used for traceability of the labels as they move from De La Rue factory to Brand application, to the market.

      In addition to e-verification the Traceology® mobile app offers field enforcement officers a further, unique verification check. Using DLR Validate™ a user can verify the validity of a hologram. This process in conjunction with e-verification and how to tell training can confirm the validity of a label in seconds and is a valuable device for field agents who have little time to visually inspect every label.

      The Traceology® Gateway app not only verifies the label but can be easily customised to your needs to guide the user through the authentication process, which include how to tell videos and images. The system analytics capture where scans are made and will capture images of suspect labels for further analysis.



      Traceology® Suite

      The Traceology® Suite is composed of 2 sub-systems




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      Thought leadership



      The enduring relevance of holography as a security feature platform

      May 2020
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      Aligning Giants:
      A humanitarian partnership against counterfeit

      April 2020
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      Case studies

      Brother case study
      Brother Industries

      It is estimated that global counterfeiting of imaging supplies costs the industry $3.5billion per year. The impact is felt by both brand owners and consumers, who are unable to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit product. To fix the problem, Brother Industries Ltd collaborated with De La Rue Authentications Solutions to build a strong consumer protection programme with Izon™ holographic labels (an easy-to-identify overt validation technology) and digital traceability to support immediate on-site authentication. This has resulted in a renewed customer confidence and reduced reputation damage for the brand owner.


      Thailand suffers from all forms of illicit trade issue, including counterfeit, smuggling and even the illegal refilling of used spirits bottles. For brand owner Diageo, this posed a major threat to their reputation and customer base. Engaging with De La Rue, Diageo now employ a highly secure layered brand protection solution including holograms, print features and tamper evidence technologies to safeguard them against attack. With over 7.5 million labels per year now being used, they are back in control of their illicit trade problem.

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