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    De La Rue Authentication, your brand protection partner – Bringing Authenticity to Life

    The need for overt security is becoming more important than ever in today’s brand protection space. There is a counterfeit crisis with illicit trade and counterfeit goods valued at $2.2 trillion, the need for overt security and robust track and trace software has never been greater. Let us help you fight the counterfeit crisis.

    The World Economic Forum values illicit trade as a $2.2 trillion industry that undermines excise revenues, damages business, harms consumers and benefits criminals. An OECD study published in 2019 (Trends in Trade in Counterfeited and Pirated Goods) estimated that counterfeit and pirated goods accounted for more than 3% of global trade, a value in excess of $500bn based on customs seizure data; this value is significantly higher if it includes genuine products traded illicitly.

    Brand protection is a rapidly changing industry. In both offering and capability, today’s brand protection model looks very different from how it did just a few short years ago. It requires responsive solutions that not only enable a brand to protect its products and reputation, but also create engaging consumer experiences, increase interaction and inspire trust. De La Rue understands that a complete solution is essential for the success of any brand or consumer protection programme – which must now go further than the interaction at point of sale, reach into the supply chain and keep working in the circular economy. De La Rue offers a range of solutions that combine the world’s most secure serialised tokens (designed specifically to integrate with your brand) alongside digital capabilities that enable tracking, tracing and mobile applications.

    De La Rue’s Brand Protection Strategy is based on 3 key principles:


    Our holograms attract end users to interact with the brand through initial inspection of the label;


    Our holographic imagery integrates beautifully with the brand’s designs;


    Our Traceology® platform enables enforcement officers to quickly verify the authenticity of the product.




    Engaging customers

    Each De La Rue authentication label is a thing of beauty, intricately designed and carefully crafted to captivate your consumers from the very beginning. The intuitive, high-impact holographic effects create a moment of wonder that attracts and invites the end user to actively engage with the hologram, as they rotate the label or tilt it from side to side to discover hidden features. Each of our labels comes with a simple ‘how to tell’ guide which enables the end consumer to visually verify if the product is genuine. 

    Find out more about PURE™ and IZON® holograms

    Along with visual authentication, our Traceology® platform also allows eVerification through the scanning of the QR code on the label. This acts as a secondary product verification method and also provides a simple platform for brands to interact with their customers. Whether it’s running marketing promotions or links to social media, your brand can customise how you utilise this platform.

    Find out more about our Traceology® Gateway

    Enhancing the customer's brand experience

    Authentication labels must provide a means of quickly and easily verifying whether a product is genuine or not. However, while it’s important for the label to stand out for ease of public authentication, it must also visually complement the packaging in a way that aligns with the brand’s overall aesthetic.

    We design our holograms with this in mind, drawing on a wide range of stunning effects to create a stand-out label that elevates your brand’s design. By integrating the label as a brand feature in itself you can instantly communicate a high level of authenticity and transparency, which helps to instil, increase and reinforce brand trust. By coupling these smart labels with the De La Rue Traceology consumer mobile verification app we create an end-to-end journey that enhances the consumer’s brand experience.

    Find out more about our PURE and IZON holograms

    Enforcing brand protection

    The De La Rue Traceology® Gateway provides robust e-verification through mobile apps and analytics tools for the enforcement officer and antipiracy teams. However, with enforcement teams often being quite small, Traceology® also enables the consumers to assist as the first line of defence through the consumer mobile verification app. Every consumer scan provides brands with valuable data and analytics. Each authentication label carries a unique serial number which is recorded in the Traceology database. This code is used for traceability of the labels as they move from De La Rue factory to brand application, to the market.

    In addition to e-verification the Traceology mobile app offers field enforcement officers a further, unique verification check. Using DLR Validate a user can verify the validity of a hologram. This process in conjunction with e-verification and how to tell training can confirm the validity of a label in seconds and is a valuable device for field agents who have little time to visually inspect every label.

    The Traceology® Gateway app not only verifies the label but can be easily customised to your needs to guide the user through the authentication process, which include how to tell videos and images. The system analytics capture where scans are made and will capture images of suspect labels for further analysis.

    Find out more about our Traceology Platform


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    We are here to answer your questions about our Brand Protection Solutions. Simply get in touch with Arnaud Bansard, Head of Brand Protection.

    Thought leadership



    Unboxing Authenticity – the missed opportunity

    February 2020
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    April 2020
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    Case studies

    Brother Industries

    It is estimated that global counterfeiting of imaging supplies costs the industry $3.5billion per year. The impact is felt by both brand owners and consumers, who are unable to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit product. To fix the problem, Brother Industries Ltd collaborated with De La Rue Authentications Solutions to build a strong consumer protection programme with Izon™ holographic labels (an easy-to-identify overt validation technology) and digital traceability to support immediate on-site authentication. This has resulted in a renewed customer confidence and reduced reputation damage for the brand owner.


    Thailand suffers from all forms of illicit trade issue, including counterfeit, smuggling and even the illegal refilling of used spirits bottles. For brand owner Diageo, this posed a major threat to their reputation and customer base. Engaging with De La Rue, Diageo now employ a highly secure layered brand protection solution including holograms, print features and tamper evidence technologies to safeguard them against attack. With over 7.5 million labels per year now being used, they are back in control of their illicit trade problem.

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