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      Product tracking using Traceology®

      Digital solution for Enterprise


      Brand eVerification and Product Tracking Simplified

      De La Rue's Traceology® is a cloud based product verification system that tracks products and provides critical product information such as batch, lot, and part number. Traceology® can also enable consumer based marketing programs.

      Traceology® product tracking system allows brand owners and other large multi-national organizations the ability to track and e-verify their products globally. With 2D barcodes the Izon® and Traceology® combination can provide immediate digital verification and consumer peace of mind.

      Traceology® product tracking system manages hundreds of millions of records annually for our customers across an array of industries.


      Traceology Traceability product tracking

      Traceology Traceability

      • The scope of “track and trace” from label printer to first product manufacturer
      • Unique GS1 barcode support
      • Ability to track individual labels to the roll it printed on at DLR to the manufacturer track individual labels

      Traceology Online product tracking Software




      Traceology Online Software

      • Data management system
      • Web architecture with User/Password based access
      • Single central web site per “customer”
      Public authentication for product tracking

      Public authentication

      • Alpha-numeric serial number that allows verification website with good visuals
      • Combined “DLR feature” and “authentication” website
      • Publicly available verification app for iPhone

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