Izon® | Simple. Intuitive. Secure.



    At De La Rue, we are dedicated to the fight against
    illicit trade, to defeating counterfeiting and to providing
    the tools and expertise to support brand revenue

    By integrating Izon® technology into labels or
    packaging, we can help protect your brand too.

    Our highly secure consumer-level anti-counterfeit
    solutions have been built on 200 years of security
    printing expertise. Our product selection includes
    tamper evident seals and closures, tracking solutions
    to prevent diversion and a complete portfolio of overt,
    covert and digital technologies.

    Izon® anti-counterfeiting technology enables quick and easy visual verification of product authenticity through multiple layers of overt and covert security features. Using proprietary photopolymer developed specifically for Izon® paired with proprietary 3D imaging technology, Izon® is the most secure authentication technology available.

    Due to its’ proprietary elements, Izon® is almost impossible to replicate. In fact, there have been no successful counterfeit attempts reported.




    Full 3D image with both vertical and horizontal depth and parallax

    Immediate visual verification by the end customer/consumer

    Made with unique, proprietary materials and capital intensive processes

    Extremely difficult for counterfeiters to simulate

    Customizable design

    Enhances brand image and can include multiple layers of security, including overt, covert, and track and trace

    Human readable

    No special reader or viewer equipment required, making it simple for customers to identify and authenticate

    Multiple layers of security

    Provides multiple layers of authentication to meet your needs

    High volume manufacturing processes

    High capacity to meet increasing demand

    Easily integrated

    Can compliment branding or be completely transparent and is easily integrated with a variety of packaging types and materials






    Izon® - SecureDots

    This proprietary dot validation design makes verifying authenticity as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Simply tilt the Izon® left, right, up and down.


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