Product focus: Izon®

    For brand owners who need the most secure, visual, anti-counterfeit technology available.

    Izon® anti-counterfeit technology enables fast, overt product authentication through the use of unique 3-D images, custom designed for simple and intuitive visual verification. This proprietary design allows customers to see around all four sides of the 3-D object and verify authenticity immediately.

    • Make product verification “simple and intuitive”
    • Depth 3D sophisticated image and motion capture
    • Easily integrated with tamper-evident features

    Available in a variety of material constructions, sizes and designs, it can be customized to a varied range of authentication solutions in order to fit unique brand and package requirements. A number of overt and covert anti-counterfeiting features have been embedded into Izon®.





    Full 3D image, with both vertical and horizontal depth and parallax


    Immediate visual verification by the end customer/consumer

    Made with unique materials and capital intensive processes


    Very difficult for counterfeiters to simulate

    Easily customized


    Enhances brand image. Can also include covert and track/trace layers of security

    No special viewers/readers required


    Simple for customers to identify and authenticate

    Multi-layer security using secure
    overt and covert technologies


    Provides multiple layers of authentication

    High volume manufacturing processes


    High capacity to meet increasing demand


    Labels for Packaging

    Packaging labels-1.png

    Bottle tamper-evidence solutions

    Bottle Tamper.png

    Box Seal solutions

    Box Seal solutions.png


    Specialty Void applications

    Specialty Void applications.png

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