Innovation Everyday
Innovation Everyday

The market we operate in is an exciting one.

It's been a challenging 12 months, but we remain confident about the future. De La Rue has delivered revenue and profit growth in a year of transition and progress for the company.

We are in a market place that demands more innovative and effective ways to protect against fraud and identity.

While our heritage in secure manufacturing and banknote printing remains crucial, our future is focused on building De La Rue into a more technology-led security solutions business.

Introduction from the Chairman
Introduction from the Chairman

Continued strategic progress in a year of transition.

The Group has achieved a reasonable performance and has continued its strategic progress in a year of transition. Our continued investment in R&D and sales in the past few years has started to bear fruit. Despite having fewer business lines, the Group’s turnover and intake of orders have been the strongest we have seen in five years. We are also making progress in diversifying our revenue, from providing banknotes into more digital and service oriented businesses. Here we have won several new contracts in Product Authentication & Traceability (PA&T), a business we expect to double revenues in the next three years.

Philip Rogerson - Chairman - De La Rue PLC

Financial Highlights
Financial Highlights

Revenue increased 12% with adjusted operating profit increased 6%.

Revenue excluding paper
2018: £461.4m
Adjusted EBITDA
2018: £78.4m
Adjusted operating profit
2018: £56.9m
Adjusted basic earnings per share
2018: 38.2p
Dividend per share
2018: 25.0p
At a Glance
At a Glance

Providing innovative solutions, globally.

Banknote print

We design, manufacture and deliver banknotes to customers around the world.

7.5bn notes
Banknotes sold in 2018/19
(2017/18: 7.3bn notes)

We are the only vertically integrated producer of polymer substrate.

998 tonnes
Polymer substrate sold in 2018/19
(2017/18: 810 tonnes)
Security features

We create features that underpin the integrity of our currency, identity and authentication products.

4.7m sq m
Polymer substrate sold in 2018/19
(2017/18: 3.8m sq m)
Identity Solutions

We create and deliver passports and identity solutions for governments.

Passports sold in 2018/19
(2017/18: 12.0m)
Product Authentication
Authentication Labels

We create and deliver secure labels and track and trace solutions for governments and commercial customers.

Security labels sold in 2018/19
(2017/18: 1.6bn)
Our Global Footprint
Our Global Footprint

We work with governments, central banks and commercial organisations in over 140 countries.

Manufacturing facility and Regional office
Direct sales representative

Editorial Pieces
Opinion & Leadership Articles

With a focus on technology and solutions in three areas of current development.

Helping to stop illicit trade.
Cash is part of the future.
Technology to beat counterfeits.
Case Studies
Case Studies

Case studies and achievements that demonstrate our progress and commitment.


Automated manufacturing


Design precision
Transformation of Debden


Carbon offset
Energy saving & Hydro
International Women's day
Mental health first aiders


Our people
Intellectual property and shared knowledge
Manufacturing excellence
Suppliers and partners
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Focusing on technology and solutions.

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