How can anti-counterfeit security labels and technology help protect my products, documents and brand reputation?
3D hologram security labels can be used as part of an authentication solution for your brand and products. They come in a variety of materials, sizes and designs, and can be customised to meet your requirements. The Izon® anti-counterfeiting technology used in our security labels makes it simple and intuitive to verify product authenticity.

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Izon®: Our Anti-Counterfeit Technology Solution

A 3D security image hologram can be adapted to a wide range of anti-counterfeit security labels to fit your brand and packaging needs.

Easy verification by consumers

Full 3D parallax image with both vertical and horizontal depth


Very hard to copy

Made with unique materials and specialised processes



Enhances brand image through overt, covert and digital layers of security

Easily customised

Simple for customers to identify and authenticate

Quick and easy visual verification

Uses secure overt, covert, and digital technologies to provide multiple layers of verification

Multi-factor authentication

Our Solutions


Izon®: Simple. Intuitive. Secure.

Izon® anti-counterfeit technology enables fast, overt product authentication through the use of unique 3D holographic labels, custom designed for simple and intuitive visual verification. This proprietary design allows customers to see around all four sides of the 3D object and verify authenticity immediately.

  • Simple and intuitive product authentication
  • Full 3D parallax and image depth
  • Easily integrated with packaging 
  • Tamper-evident features

Anti-Counterfeit Bottle Solutions

Applications for many industries; Wines, spirits, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetics, and consumer products including food and drink.



Anti-Counterfeit Box Seal Solutions

Apply directly over printed text, bar codes, or other images. Printed information under the label becomes visible and codes can be scanned when box is rotated or viewed from an angle.

Izon® In Use

DuPont Refrigerants takes industry leadership positioning by introducing a comprehensive Brand Assurance program for their refrigerant brands. The goal of the program is to curb the sale of counterfeit DuPont refrigerants and to discourage illegal imports.

DuPont Refrigerants selected IZON® as the foundation for their program.

The Brand Assurance program utilizes the Izon® 3D holographic technology as well as an embedded code that allows for greater product tracking and traceability.

DuPont Refrigerants global business manager Diane Picho said, “We’re taking a leadership position by implementing measures to curtail this activity, and we hope other manufacturers will follow our lead.”


Learn About Our Anti-Counterfeit Labels

What are anti-counterfeit labels?

Anti-counterfeit labels are custom images integrated into labels for fast and easy verification of product and/or brand authenticity. 3D holograms are very difficult to counterfeit due to very specialised and technologically advanced processes and equipment.

Izon® anti-counterfeit technology

De La Rue proprietary Izon® technology offers quick and easy visual verification through overt and covert phsical features.

Case Studies

Discover how our clients have used IZON® to help them deter counterfeiters and protect their products.

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