Who We Are

      De La Rue provides the products and services that help our customers to keep their economies, populations and products secure. We have spent the last 200 years developing the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to make this possible.

      We work with governments and commercial organisations across the globe to deliver the tools and foundations needed to create trust in society and its institutions – by supporting financial transaction and inclusion and through the secure free movement of people and goods.

      Our business activities can be divided into three core areas:

      Cash Supply Chain | Citizen Identity | Product Authentication

      Cash Supply Chain Solutions

      Cash Supply Chain Solutions

      We design, integrate, manufacture and deliver banknotes, banknote paper, polymer and security features to our customers around the world to ensure their currency is secured against the threat of counterfeit and fraud.

      Our integrated banknote solutions provide governments, central banks and state manufacturing with the surety they need to ensure the authenticity and lifetime of banknotes, control over the production, circulation, management and destruction of banknotes, and an in-depth understanding of how cash moves around their economy

      Markets and Solutions - Cash Supply Chain

      Citizen Identity Solutions

      Citizen Identity Solutions

      We create and deliver passports and national identity services for our customers all over the world. In addition to providing the physical product, we have simplified the series of complex digital work streams required for the proper and secure management of citizen identities into a single and complete identity management data solution.

      As global specialists, we will work with you to underpin national, eGovernment and international border control solutions appropriate to your individual needs and requirements.

      Markets and Solutions - Citizen Identity

      Product Authentication Solutions

      Product Authentication Solutions

      We offer authentication and traceability solutions for use in a wide variety of government and commercial applications. We create and deliver secure physical identifiers in the form of tax stamps and product authentication labels and digital software solutions that help to protect from counterfeit and illicit trade, securing revenue and safeguarding reputation.

      De La Rue can also supply additional financial transaction, cash equivalent and certification documents and products to further help in the fight against fraud and counterfeit.

      Markets and Solutions - Product Authentication