How Our Business Works

We create value by providing solutions to our customers’
unique challenges. This is driven by our focus on innovation,
our expertise and our manufacturing skills.
Our Foundations

The resources we rely on


We have 2,763 dedicated and passionate employees across four continents and we are moving to be closer to our customers.


Our knowledge is underpinned by over 200 years of continuous innovation. Ideas that derive from our R&D are patented and applied across the various services and products we offer.

7 centres of excellence

Our seven centres of excellence give us a global presence with consistent operating experience at the highest quality, health safety, security and management standards.

1 global supply chain

We work with suppliers and partners all over the world to ensure sustainability and reliable delivery to our customers. And we hold these suppliers and partners to the same high ethical standards that we adopt ourselves.

£73.5m cash

We generated cash flows from operating activities of £73.5m in 2017/18. This allows us to invest in new technology and machines, fund potential strategic acquisitions and support business operations to secure long term value for shareholders.

Our Products and services

Our customers and what they buy from us

Central and commercial banks

Need a supplier they can trust to provide data-driven insights and to design and manufacture secure currency


  • Banknote printing
  • Paper and polymer substrate
  • Security features
  • Cash cycle analytics


Increasingly need to monitor, validate and control identity to improve security, social inclusion and domestic and international trade

Identity Solutions

  • Physical identity documents
  • Software systems

Brand owners/governments/tax authorities

need to protect tax revenues and brands from illicit trade and counterfeit and harmful goods

Product Authentication Solutions

  • Tax revenue protection
  • Brand protection
  • Software systems
Our Solutions

This is how De La Rue can help you...

Intellectual property

We have invented over 100 security features for currency and register around 30 patents per year. Our security features are embedded in more than 25% of the world’s circulating denominations.

Data analytics

We use analytics and intelligence derived from our award winning software to deliver actionable insight to support customers’ decision-making.

Digital solutions

Our end-to-end digital solutions for identity management and product track and trace give our customers strong infrastructure, governance frameworks and flexibility to meet their individual needs.


Our 50-strong design team is recognised as the best in class. Its banknote and passport designs have won 14 international awards since 2007. We work with over 140 countries on designing and producing banknotes and passports.


We provide our customers and their stakeholders with supporting services such as counterfeit analysis, public education and awareness campaigns, technical workshops and training courses.


We help countries with our expertise in cash cycle management, physical and digital security, and operational excellence.

Our Values

Guide our business, our product development and our brand

Drive change and innovate
Act with integrity
Take responsibility
Excel in what we do
Work together
The value we create

We help the world around us by…

Enabling everyone’s secure participation in the economy

Helping deliver confidence in the economy by ensuring a secure cash cycle

Supporting social and financial inclusion by securing legal identities and providing currency

Contributing to economic growth and stability by protecting tax revenues and tackling illicit trade