Continuous Environmental Investment

De La Rue understands the impact that its activities, products and services can have on the environment. All of our manufacturing sites have achieved ISO14001 accreditation for their environmental management systems. We do our best to reduce any negatives and increase the positives by:
  • Tracking key environmental KPIs on a monthly basis (waste, energy, water usage). This data is also confirmed at each financial year-end where sites complete an environmental questionnaire to create an overall environmental summary.
  • Subscribing to the Carbon Disclosure Project

Download De La Rue’s Environmental Policy Statement 


We are working towards achieving a robust integrated approach to environmental sourcing


Accreditations across the Group

  • ISO14001:2015
    Certificate for all manufacturing sites




Preventing pollution by...


Examples of some of our recent environmental achievements are:

  • We have reduced our waste going to landfill by better segregation of the waste types and improved recycling.
  • The introduction of an energy monitoring programme to reduce energy consumption and cost per tonne of good output tracking
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 by 2% each year to save approx. 2,500 tonnes less carbon per year
Reducing solid waste sent to landfill by 2% and reducing the overall waste we produce.
Reducing water consumption
Using a wider sustainability programme with KPI tracking


Preventing waste by...


Waste reduction programmes to reduce site generated waste and lower transport usage
Permits and waste codes comply with national and local legislation
All secure waste is granulated onsite and sent to an Refuse Derived Fuel site wherever possible
All third part waste service providers are competent, hold necessary permits to operate and comply with local/national statutory requirements
All Trans-Boundary waste shipments are recorded and appropriate export or movement licences obtained
Annual internal audits ensure correct waste management


We measure our environmental performance, and details are to be found on page 44 of the Annual Report 2019.