Third Party Partners

Consultants and Agents

In certain territories, De La Rue engages with Third Party Partners to support the sales teams and act as a link between a customer and the business.

All applications for the appointment, reappointment and renewal of sales consultants and agents are managed by a central team which reports directly to the General Counsel and Company Secretary.

All third party partners:


  • Are expected to comply with the De La Rue Code of Business Principles
  • Are subject to an appropriate level of due diligence and internal approvals
  • Receive training on the Code of Business Principles and the standards of ethical behaviour expected by De La Rue
  • Receive training covering anti-bribery and corruption, competition law and third party partner policy

Picture5-1 Transforming our sales partners remuneration


We are now four years into a five year programme to change the way our sales partners are remunerated. Our aim is to reduce risk to the business while recognising all the work carried out by our partners. A rolling Agent Transition Plan is being implemented to change partner remuneration as agreements become due for renewal. The majority of partners are now engaged under the new scheme, which is based on the Banknote Ethics Initiative commitments. Work has started to define the next phase of our programme as we drive to further improve our management of third party partners.