Our suppliers are expected to share De La Rue’s commitment to best practice standards in health and safety, environmental protection, quality, product security and business continuity management.

They are obliged to follow our Code of Business Principles, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, International Labour Conventions 138 and 182, and align to the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015. 

De La Rue subscribes to the policies in the UK government's Prompt Payment scheme.

We undertake to pay suppliers on time, give clear guidance to suppliers and encourage good practice amongst our lead suppliers.

We have commenced a redesign of our supplier qualification process to help further refine its operational effectiveness which will include refined due diligence processes in the supply chain.

Our redesigned supplier qualification process will improve on our current manual risk assessment methods by delivering a more formalised and automated approach to identifying key risks within our supply chain, including ethical risks.

We intend to roll out this new supplier due diligence process during the course of the next financial year.