Creating a long term intimate customer relationship is De La Rue's top priority. Working with over 200 customers across the globe - we are dedicated to their vision with continued customer investment, creativity, flexibility, and most importantly reliability, no matter what the challenge.

We print over 7.5bn banknotes per year. The diverse customer base reflects our global partnerships. We have been printing currency for Mauritius, one of our longest customers since 1860. The longevity of customer relationships De La Rue has both an incredible responsibility and privilege.


Who are our customers?


Central and commercial banks

 Need a supplier they can trust to provide data-driven insights and to design and manufacture secure currency


Brand owners/governments/
tax authorities

Need to protect tax revenues and brands from illicit trade and counterfeit and harmful good



 Increasingly need to monitor, validate and control identity to improve security, social inclusion and domestic and international trade


De La Rue seeks a working environment where all people (employees, customer, suppliers) feel valued and respected as individuals. We actively seek to have a diverse workforce as we recognise the value of diversity to the organisation.

Customers are looking for a long-term strategic partnerships based on mutual respect, deep understanding and reliable, flexible support.


A few of our customer Case Studies