Charitable Trust

The De La Rue Charitable Trust is an independent body established by De La Rue to offer financial support in the form of small donations to help address issues such as relief of suffering, educational support and development and self-sufficiency promotion.

The Trust operates under the Governance Standards and Principles of the Charity Commission (UK's governing body for charities) and is audited by an external auditor.

The Charitable Trust Board of Trustees meets approximately three times a year to consider applications for donations and agree how the limited funds available will be distributed.

De La Rue Charitable Trust Giving Guidelines

Charitable giving is undertaken on a discretionary basis. To be considered for a donation from the De La Rue Charitable Trust, the organisation applying should normally be an official registered charity with a charity registration number.

The criteria below must also be considered and, although not all points need to be met in every instance, they should provide a useful guide to help check the suitability of the application.

Charitable Trust

  • Well-researched causes in under-developed countries, preferably through UK charities to secure both financial control and tax relief
  • Educational charities which promote relevant skills and international understanding, particularly for the benefit of disadvantaged and underprivileged students
  • Disaster funds
  • Local charities or community projects, particularly if employees are involved
  • Charities for the benefit, directly or indirectly, of employees or ex-employees

General Limitations

The following criteria make organisations ordinarily ineligible for charitable support from the De La Rue Charitable Trust:

  • Partisan political organisations
  • Organisations which do not directly benefit some aspect of the community in a place where De La Rue does business
  • Individuals
  • Foundations that are themselves grant-making bodies
  • National charities
  • Military organisations
  • Religious organisations

How to Apply

Applications can be submitted at any time for the attention of:

The Trust Administrator
De La Rue Charitable Trust
De La Rue House
Jays Close
RG22 4BS

The Trustees consider applications at their meetings which take place approximately three times a year.

When applying for a donation, applications should:

  • Provide evidence of charitable status
  • Provide information about the organisation, what it does and who it seeks to help
  • Provide copies of audited accounts where possible
  • Provide an indication of the amount of donation being sought, with specific details where possible of what the requested donation will be used to fund, rather than a request to go into a general fund
  • Provide, where possible, an indication of the planned timings of the project in question

Successful Applications

The De La Rue Charitable Trust receives in excess of 100 applications for funds every year. Whilst we do look at every application it is not possible for us to help every organisation and we use the limited funds available on a discretionary basis. You will hear from us if we need any clarification, and if your application has been successful, but we regret that we are unable to reply in every case.