Globally supporting governments and organisations

De La Rue’s products and services help countries to trade, companies to sell and economies to grow.

What we do

Established over 200 years ago, De La Rue work with governments, central banks and commercial organisations around the globe in three core areas:

Cash Supply Chain, producing banknotes; Product Authentication fighting illicit trade and counterfeiting; protecting brands and reputations; and in the supply of key security components to the identity industry.

Our Mission

To provide governments and commercial organisations with products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods.

Operating in the fundamental areas of cash supply chain, product authentication and citizen identity needs, De La Rue applies vital values to the way in which we do business and the impact this has on our customers.

Our Purpose

“To enable every citizen to participate securely in the global economy”

Cash Supply Chain
Product Authentication
Security Components
Cash Supply Chain

We support customers around the world in managing every part of the cash supply chain. De La Rue design, integrate, manufacture and deliver banknotes, banknote paper, polymer and security features to ensure currencies are secured against the threat of counterfeit and fraud.

Our integrated banknote solutions provide governments, central banks and state manufacturing with control over the production, circulation, management and destruction of banknotes, and an in-depth understanding of how cash moves around their economy.

Case study

Bank Notes

Bank of England banknotes case study

De La Rue works as the Bank of England’s strategic partner through every stage of the production chain – from design to integration of security components through to the printing of the final high specification notes. The new-design £5, £10 and soon to be launched £20 next-generation Polymer notes, all uphold the heritage and global standing of the British currency and ensures its inherent security.

Product Authentication

We create and deliver bespoke authentication and traceability solutions used in a wide variety of government and commercial applications. From secure physical identifiers in the form of tax stamps and product authentication labels to digital software solutions, De La Rue is helping to protect against counterfeit and illicit trade, securing revenue and safeguarding reputation.

Case study

Product Authentication

Microsoft Ceritificate of Authenticity case study

Proving the legitimacy of products is a key challenge for businesses faced with ever more sophisticated counterfeiting operations. De La Rue works with Microsoft to ensure customers get the genuine product through the creation of secure label designs combining attractive visuals with state-of-the-art security features. Once a label is in circulation, we support Microsoft in tracking it around the world - helping maintain product integrity.

Citizen Identity

De La Rue supply key security components into the Identity sector for passports and ID documents, allowing citizens to belong to and participate in society.

We offer an award-winning design service, a wide range of security print features, polycarbonate solutions and bio-data page laminate protection systems.

Our Business

Our customers are governments, central banks, businesses and state print works. Here’s how we create value for them - and for our shareholders.


We offer cutting-edge technology and products, and best-in-class design. And to make sure you keep on benefitting from our innovation, we’re committed to investing in research and development.


We combine operational expertise, world-class manufacturing and our secure logistics network to give you high-quality, cost-efficient products and a service you know you can rely on.


By continuing to innovate and deliver, we enjoy steady growth which means we can develop and extend the services we offer to new and existing customers.

Employees worldwide
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