Unique collaboration to produce a commemorative note to celebrate Star Wars: The Last Jedi 


      Celebrating GREAT British businesses

      The commemorative note is a unique collaboration between The GREAT Britain Campaign, Disney/Lucasfilm and De La Rue, the world’s largest commercial producer of banknotes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

      From Thursday 7th December 2017 fans and collectors across the globe will get the chance to own an official Star Wars: The Last Jedi commemorative note.

      Since 1977 every Star Wars release has had a major production base in Britain and the note is a celebration of that special relationship and Star Wars’ 40-year contribution to the UK film industry which continues with this eighth instalment

      This is a world-first which showcases the creativity, innovation and technology of both Disneyand De La Rue

      Fans will be able to purchase one of 1000 notes on eBay or bid for one of 50 special premium notes, both of which boast stunning The Last Jedi artwork and a host of hidden elements that can be uncovered through a magnifying glass or under UV light.



      Our design team worked closely with Disney.  They created the original piece of artwork.  This was then transformed into concept design in full collaboration with our specialist security design team. With a number of specialist security design rules adhered to, our in-house specialist team applied complex pattern works, micro text and UV screens to the design to create the securitised artwork.



      The security, or hidden features on this commemorative note is simple by comparison to the complex layering we apply to any of the official circulating banknotes produced for our government and central bank customers. 

      This design is for commemorative purposes only, in celebration of the launch of the film and will not be used in circulation, having no financial or face value for use as a transactional banknote (at least not in this galaxy).



      Julian Payne, head of De La Rue Design team talks about the design and production of the commemorative note for Star Wars: The Last Jedi


      The design narrative focuses on a composite of visuals both front and back of the note, to depict the two sides of the story; the Resistance and the First Order.  Incorporating scenes from the movie and original artworks of the characters and vehicles, the note design weaves in key patterns, motifs, symbols and phrases taken from the film that will delight and intrigue the movie’s fan base.

      The number “8” features heavily, (it being the 8th film in the series) as do some of this episode’s main characters; Luke Skywalker and Rey for the Rebellion and Kylo Ren and Snoke representing the Dark Side.  

      The note has been produced to the highest creative standards:

      The notes are crafted with 100% cotton cylinder mould paper and printed in De La Rue’s high security proofing department based in Hampshire. They incorporate several special features including:

      • serial numbers;
      • pattern work of the First Order and Resistance emblems;
      • hidden scenes (discoverable under UV light);
      • hidden messages in microtext (discoverable with an eye glass);
      • a message in Aurebesh, one of the languages of the galaxy; and
      • the signature of Director/Writer Rian Johnson.
      • The 50 unique, premium notes also include an intaglio (a raised, hand-engraving of Rey), and each will have a unique, sequenced serial number.


      Charity auction

      The whole project is in support of a very worthy children’s charity “Together for Short Lives - click here to learn more about the charity auction and the work the charity does



      For further information, please contact:

      Sinead Keller Head of Media and PR

      e. sinead.keller@delarue.com m. +44 (0)7584 155244











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      Charity auction on ebay

      Fans were able to purchase one of 1000 notes on eBay(they sold out in 15 mins) or bid for one of 50 special premium notes, both of which boast stunning The Last Jedi artwork and a host of hidden elements that can be uncovered through a magnifying glass or under UV light.

      Additional items set for auction include ten normally unobtainable uncut final proofs of the note signed by the De La Rue studio manager and ten rare hand-crafted engravings used for the raised intaglio printing signed by De La Rue’s engraver.

      Star Wars: Force for Change, a charitable initiative from Lucasfilm and Disney, harnesses the strength of Star Wars to empower and improve the lives of children around the world. As part of the Force For Change initiative, all proceeds from the sale will go to Together for Short Lives, a charity that supports children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and their families.