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Our Expertise

We are world leaders in developing and implementing a fully managed service that delivers the tax revenues due to governments. Our solutions combine customised designs with a single global trace capability ensuring that each product is unique and can be tracked individually over its full lifetime, from source to consumption. All of our programmes meet the international standards of today and tomorrow, ensuring compliance and future proofing your investment.

What We Offer

  • Internationally recognised quality - that’s why we are the only supplier of tax stamp solutions to be fully accredited and operate to ISO14298, 27001 and 9001
  • World leading design expertise - over 82 years of experience in designing highly secure and aesthetically stunning tax stamps
  • The only fully end to end integrated supplier of tax stamp solutions - we have been providing Government revenue protection services since 1863
  • We work with international policy makers – we advise, consult and are a major stakeholder in the formation of global policies and regulations


Authentication & Traceability Solutions Overview

Tax Stamp Features

DLR Certify™

White Paper: Delivering Revenue Protection Solutions for Governments


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