De La Rue Authentication Solutions

    Authentication Solutions is a specialist arm of our Product Authentication and Traceability portfolio. Helping organisations protect their supply chain against the threat of counterfeit and fraud.

    De La Rue is a world leader in developing and implementing fully managed products and services that deliver brand protection

    Our packaged solutions combine customised designs with global coverage capability ensuring that each product has a unique identifier so it can be tracked individually over its full lifetime, from source to consumption.

    All of our packages meet the required international standards, ensuring compliance and high return for your investment. With over 200 years experience in fighting counterfeit and fraud, De La Rue is able to harness this unique expertise and bring it to the forefront of product authentication and traceability solutions.




    IZON® Advanced overt authentication technology





    TRACEOLOGY® Brand eVerification and product tracking solution


    Available in a variety of material constructions, sizes and designs, our team can develop a customized authentication solution to fit your branding and packaging requirements.



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