Design As a Service

Our Expertise

A banknote is a complex document requiring multiple considerations when designing it to ensure it works through the cash supply chain. We are world leaders in the field of banknote design and your best possible partner in designing a fully functional and secure banknote. We are adept at guiding and advising our customers at every stage of the process – from the design through to protecting the notes from fraud.

What We Offer

  • Industry experts at banknote design - more banknotes denominations issued in recent years have been designed by De La Rue than any other commercial banknote printer. We are also the proud winners of 14 banknote industry design awards since 2007
  • We understand that design matters, both functionally and aesthetically and work creatively from the look and feel to the security of the notes
  • We design in partnership with our customers every step of the way - for the Maldives new family of seven banknotes issued in 2016, De La Rue incorporated a local artist’s work into the note designs to ensure an authentic Maldivian design was achieved
  • We incorporate our knowledge of banknote manufacture, substrate production, anti-counterfeiting expertise, perception studies and public education expertise into our banknote designs

What We Offer

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