Product Spotlight

We are constantly developing new security features and techniques across our entire portfolio of banknotes, Identity and product authentication solutions in order to maintain the integrity of our products for our customers

Some of our key and recent features to market are showcased below:



Active is a simple and easy-to-verify colour switching security thread for banknotes with an obvious colour change that supports strong public recognition. Available in a range of colour combinations and widths, Active offers a diverse colour palette and demetallisation making it suitable for use with a family of denominations.



Continuous Bio-Data Page

De La Rue’s Continuous Bio-Data Page is a new patented method of passport book construction where the bio-data page continues across the book's spine to form the rear end page of the passport. This technique greatly hinders attempts at the removal of the bio-data page, the prime target of most fraudulent attempts of document alteration.

Continuous Bio-Data


DLR Identify CRVS

DLR Identify CRVS is the latest addition to De La Rue’s suite of software applications for the secure management of citizen identity data and has been specially developed to deliver a highly robust, secure and flexible solution to support the needs of government civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) programmes. DLR Identify™ CRVS provides governments with a cost-effective tool for the recording and managing of citizen life events (for example births and deaths). In doing so, it assists in the provisioning of essential people services such as health and education, and also long term country planning.

DLR Identify™ CRVS comprises four core modules – Collection, Registration, Verification and Statistics – and follows the guidelines set out by the United Nations, including the Accelerated Improvement of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (APAI-CRVS) workshops and documents.



Holographic Foil on Safeguard®

Secure holograms integrated into the clear windows of polymer banknotes offer high levels of protection against counterfeiting and are eye-catching security features for banknote authentication. Using Advanced image plane holography, De La Rue holograms on Safeguard® offer all the clarity, colour, movement and true depth achievable on a polymer substrate.

Holographic Foil on Safeguard®


Kinetic StarChrome®

Kinetic StarChrome®, also part of Cash Supply Chain, is a specialist security thread combining the two proven technologies of Starchrome® and Classical Holography. This combination delivers a high-impact feature which is easily seen and understood by the public, yet complex for counterfeiters to attempt to simulate. Available in a range of widths, window lengths and demetallisation options making it suitable for all denominations, Kinetic StarChrome® is also fully compatible with machine readability and high speed banknote processing.

Kinetic StarChrome


SHIELD Embossed Holographic Laminate

The new Shield Embossed laminate is a high gloss thin film laminate protection solution created using e-beam technology to deliver the highest resolution and definition of quality. This product makes use of complex three-dimensional models to ensure immediate recognition and a powerful public verification feature.

Shield embossed


SHIELD Volume Holographic Laminate

SHIELD Volume uses Lippmann holographic technology to display a strong monochrome image with high movement, exceptional depth and 3D models that transition both horizontally and vertically. These public security effects are easily viewable under a range of different lighting conditions.

Shield volume



Skylight is a specialist, unique and complex watermarking feature for use in passports, where small areas appear lighter and thinner than their background, positioned to register across the sheet. A process developed and patented by De La Rue, SkyLight hinders the splitting of the paper, the lifting of the laminate and reassembly with fraudulent data.



Spectrum for Tax Stamps

Part of our Product Authentication solution to support the delivery of government revenue assurance, De La Rue’s Spectrum technology has also been further developed and engineered in a reel-to-reel format and can now be offered in identical forms both for single stamps and for stamps supplied on reels. The technique continues to use advanced latent image technology to produce a colour-changing feature, with movement that shows two alternate images when viewed at different angles.

Intaglio tax stamps



Spectrum is a new colour-changing print feature recently adapted from banknotes for use in passports. Spectrum has a clear movement and on/off effect for overt authentication. Spectrum uses proven latent image technology to provide a sophisticated anti-copy feature that is resistant to colour copiers, scanners or attempted desktop reproduction.