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Case Studies

De La Rue’s presence is truly global, providing services, products and solutions to more than two thirds of the world’s countries, from its newest to some of the most developed.

The below are just a few of our current references.

Bank of England

Cash Supply Chain

1. Bank of England banknotes

Production of a highly secure, internationally recognisable banknote is hugely complex. De La Rue works as the Bank of England’s strategic partner through every stage of the production chain – from design to integration of security components through to the printing of the final high specification notes.

Fiji New Design

Cash Supply Chain

2. Fiji banknote series

Fiji is rightly proud of its natural heritage. De La Rue’s award-winning new series of banknotes for Fiji feature striking imagery of the country’s flora and fauna, celebrating the country’s biodiversity, while improved durability and our latest security features ensure the currency’s security and increased circulation life. The new family includes the introduction of the country’s first polymer banknote in the $5 denomination.

Cash Supply Chain

3. Guyana new $50 banknote

2016 marks 50 years of Guyanese Independence. To celebrate, the Bank of Guyana launched a new $50 banknote – the first time Guyana has ever issued a note of this denomination. The design of the note, created by
De La Rue, reflects the overall theme of the Independence celebrations, 'one Guyana, one people'.

Cash Supply Chain

4. Maldives polymer banknotes

In 2016 the Maldives Monetary Authority selected De La Rue’s Safeguard® polymer substrate for the first entirely new series of banknotes to be issued in the Maldives for over 30 years. Abdullah Nashaath, a local artist, won a competition to design the new family of seven banknotes and worked alongside De La Rue’s team of designers to ensure an authentic Maldivian look.

Rwanda eID

Cash Supply Chain

5. Kuwait new banknote series

Creating a banknote requires an intimate understanding of a country’s culture. De La Rue's award winning banknotes for Kuwait - the first in 20 years - showcase the country's unique history, heritage and economic prosperity. Protected by our innovative security features, they mark a significant milestone in the country's history.

Rwanda eID

Citizen Identity

6. Rwanda eID

eGovernment solutions help states to create a better future and better service delivery for their citizens. De La Rue is working with the government of Rwanda to create and implement a multi-functional smart ID card, providing Rwandans with a trusted system for proving their identity and getting access to government services.

HM Passport Office

Citizen Identity

7. HM Passport Office
UK ePassport

The UK passport is a universally trusted document. De La Rue provides
HM Passport Office with a total service solution, delivering a cutting edge book that its holders can be proud of. This is underpinned by the complex and secure infrastructure essential to maintain the integrity of the service and the resilience of the document.

 Microsoft CoA product

Product Authentication

8. Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA) Product

Proving the legitimacy of products is a key challenge for modern businesses faced with ever more sophisticated counterfeiting operations. For the last 20 years De La Rue has been helping Microsoft ensure customers get the genuine product through the creation of secure label designs which combine attractive visuals with state-of-the-art security features. Once a label is in circulation, De La Rue support Microsoft in tracking it around the world helping maintain product integrity.