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New York State

Department of Motor Vehicles

Our enduring relationship with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles stretches back almost 15 years. Our card solution combined with the DMV’s stringent processes and procedures have proved so successful that New York State Driver Licenses are reputed to be among the most secure licenses available. We currently provide the Standard and new Enhanced Driver License (EDL). They feature security printing on the front and back and include a combination of advanced anti-counterfeit technologies. The EDL is designed to meet the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requirements.


Société de l’Assurance Automobile

The Province of Quebec turned to De La Rue for a highly secure Standard and Enhanced Driver License solution. As a result, a seamless personalization and issuance system has been successfully implemented over the past five years, with more than nine million cards issued by the Province. Managed by De La Rue’s MIDIS™ software, high-speed production ensures that drivers receive their licenses within 24-48 hours.

“Following the success of our existing standard license provided by De La Rue, we have also worked with them to offer our citizens a secure, trustworthy but more cost effective Enhanced Driver License. The fact that our new license is WHTI-compliant means it will also facilitate faster, smoother border crossings.”

Société de l’Assurance Automobile de Québec

34 US States

Motor Vehicle Titles

De La Rue provides highly secure paper for motor vehicle title certificates in 34 States across the US, demonstrating unrivalled expertise in this area. Using multi-tonal watermarks and specialist paper sensitisation treatments during the manufacturing process, our products help defend against counterfeiting and modification threats.



Remington Arms Company, Inc., a US based leader in the design, production, and sale of goods for the hunting sports market, protects its licensed merchandise in over 55 different countries with a secure licensing solution from De La Rue Holographics. With an easy-to-authenticate tamper evident holographic label, supported by SLSNet, a web-based ordering, tracking and verification tool, De La Rue works in partnership with Remington to ensure the effective management of their brand licensing programme, allowing enforcement officials to track and verify genuine Remington products anywhere in the world. The holographic label has been developed using classical holography techniques, widely accepted as the most secure optically variable device technology available.



Discover Financial Services, one of the leading card issuers in the US uses De La Rue Holographics’ patented Optically Variable Magnetic Stripe (OVMS) technology to enhance the security of their products.

OVMS combines a holographic foil and a magnetic stripe into a single product for use on financial cards, creating strong security and a high visual impact. For Discover, the product has given them the opportunity to create a strong vibrant design to differentiate their brand, while offering integrated security to protect against counterfeit and fraud. High standards of security in the manufacturing and shipping process ensure full accountability and traceability across the supply chain.


Software Authentication Labels

De La Rue is a world leader in software authentication labels that help identify genuine software and protect consumers from piracy. Our overt and covert identifiers assist in determining whether or not the software you are running is genuine, providing essential validation for computer users in the US and around the world.



De La Rue Holographics is the world’s leading Visa dove hologram supplier, having supplied the iconic dove image to card manufacturers across the globe since the mid-90s. We are one of only three accredited suppliers of the Visa dove hologram and are regularly audited against Visa International’s stringent security requirements in order to maintain accreditation.

United Kingdom


De La Rue delivers the design, production and personalization of the UK ePassport, one of the largest and most prestigious identity systems in the world today. Essentially a service delivery contract with an annual capacity of between 5 and 6 million books, our solution provides the highest levels of quality, accuracy, security and innovation for the customer, across a package comprising document design, manufacture and personalization. The new ePassport design, based on the theme of “Scenic United Kingdom”, uses stunning imagery and a sophisticated layering of security features to combat specific threats and ensure the book’s integrity. De La Rue’s MIDIS™ technology is the powerhouse behind the solution’s advanced IT system and software infrastructure, providing end to end protective, logical and procedural controls for the entire manufacturing and personalization process.


Identity Management Solutions

De La Rue has been working closely with Malta since 1997 and currently delivers the upgraded Extended Access Control (EAC) ePassport as well as the Maltese driving license and a fully functioning eID Card Solution. These combined elements support the Island’s award winning eGovernment solution.

Our delivery of Malta’s ePassport has been a key milestone in the Government’s ongoing strategic identity management plan and is fully integrated with Malta’s existing National Identity Management System (NIDMS). The EAC book prevents access to sensitive data by encrypting information and only granting access rights to authorized terminals. Combined with the implementation of De La Rue’s new eID card, Malta remains firmly at the forefront of identity management technology and solutions.


Dual Document Issuance Solution

De La Rue has been working on the Chilean national identity project since 2001 and has issued over 22 million identity cards and over 2 million passports from a single centrally located site in Santiago. Working closely with a local systems integrator we have developed a world class solution that checks an applicant’s biometric details against a central database before producing completed ICAO compliant documents, ready for despatch within 24 hours.



Reaffirming its strong ties with the Government of Rwanda, De La Rue produces East Africa’s first ever eID solution, offering multi-application functionality for the citizen via a new smart eID card and system. De La Rue has been working in Rwanda for over ten years and already delivers its passport, current ID card, driving license and supporting systems. The new smart eID dual interface card device, combines onto a single chip, data from the current ID card, driver’s license and passport as well as fingerprint data and information about the cardholder’s dependents.