De La Rue Security Products

De La Rue is the world's largest commercial security printer, with unrivalled experience and a proven track record in the fight against counterfeit and fraud which stretches back over 150 years. Facilities all over the world, strengthened by an international agent network, means we can support your document protection needs wherever you are.

We provide expertise, support and advice on document and revenue protection as well as manufacturing and implementation, based on a combination of experience in security printing, ongoing research and highly skilled personnel. Governments, financial institutions and commercial organisations all over the world look first to De La Rue for help in their ongoing fight against counterfeit and fraud.

We offer the widest range of security solutions ranging from high security substrates, inks and printed features, to 3D holograms. These solutions can include full personalisation and tracking of documents, secure storage and distribution and pick and pack. We can also partner a local solution by supplying added value components to a document solution.