De La Rue Cash Processing Solutions

De La Rue’s Cash Processing Solutions business provides all bulk cash handling organisations with a range of sophisticated hardware and software products, consultation, service and support. All of which are designed to enhance the productivity, performance and security of our customer’s cash processing environment.

Our expertise in all aspects of cash processing is gleaned from over 30 years experience working with customers across the globe. By listening to actual customer requirements; combined with our own understanding of the cash processing industry, we strive to continually develop innovative solutions to meet their needs, not only for today, but also for tomorrow. 




Hardware overview
We have a range of banknote sorters, all designed to sort, count and authenticate banknotes with an unprecedented level of accuracy and security, giving all of our customer’s peace of mind that their cash centres are functioning in the most efficient manner. The innovative features of the hardware and enhancements in software interfaces and detection suites are all powerful elements developed to work in tandem with your business.

You can view in detail our proven technology and innovative solutions for yourself:

DLR 9000
DLR 7000 high speed sorter
Cobra medium speed sorter
Banknote destruction solutions






Software overview
Enterprise Cash Management (ECM™)
is De La Rue’s suite of software products that have been specifically designed for the bulk cash handling industry by experts in this field to enhance the security, productivity and performance of your cash centres. This series of software products are designed to give all bulk cash handling organisations the level of management information they need to ensure the integrity and security of the entire cash handling process. All elements of ECM™ are based on open architecture so they can function on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, integrating as smoothly as possible with a cash centre’s existing infrastructure.

ECM™ Business Intelligence
ECM™ Dashboard
ECM™ Essence
ECM™ Inventory Supply Accounting






Developing strategic

We understand that for several customers purchasing new hardware and software is an investment not only in money but also in time. Embarking on such an ambitious project is often viewed as an opportunity and a catalyst for changing the method in which cash is processed at a cash centre facility. As experts in cash handling De La Rue is ideally placed to assist customers in planning their requirements, developing the dynamics of the cash processing flow and to ultimately give guidance on areas for improvement. By offering a complete service solution we believe we build a relationship that is stronger than the standard supplier and vendor arrangement. We believe that by adopting a strategic relationship approach we can give customers an improved service. The element of trust that develops enables both parties to express their mutual requirements and expectations which keeps the project running in the most efficient method.