Industry Expertise

Thomas de la Rue printed its first banknotes – three denominations for Mauritius – in 1860. Since then, the De La Rue company has become the world's largest commercial currency printer and papermaker, producing billions of banknotes every year. This long experience, combined with constant investment, delivers total security, technical excellence and customer service.

Banknote printing

From its original factories in Bunhill Row, London, De La Rue Currency has expanded into secure production facilities around the world. It now operates five banknote factories, located in the UK, Malta, Kenya and Sri Lanka, which give the company the capacity, flexibility and capability to respond rapidly to its customers' needs.

De La Rue Currency has the largest banknote design facility in the world at its headquarters in Hampshire, UK. Here it combines traditional techniques with unique, advanced systems for designing and originating banknotes and other security-printed documents.

The company's wholly-owned production sites are complemented by technical and manufacturing partnerships with state printing works.

In 2003, De La Rue Currency signed a contract to print and supply Bank of England currency, taking over the Bank's manufacturing operation in the UK.

Banknote paper and security features

In 1995, De La Rue acquired Portals Limited. For almost 300 years Portals has been widely acclaimed as the leading banknote substrate manufacturer in the world. It has manufactured banknote paper for the Bank of England since 1724.

The joining together of De La Rue and Portals has accelerated the development of new and improved high-security banknote features using the complementary technologies of papermaking and printing.

Integration of the De La Rue Security Threads business and close ties with De La Rue Holographics further enhance De La Rue Currency' broad technical capability.

Investment in excellence

In today's competitive markets, De La Rue Currency has attained leadership by investing heavily and seeking excellence in research, innovation, design, production and customer service.

All Currency manufacturing sites have achieved and maintain certification to the international quality standard ISO9001:2000, the international environmental standard ISO14001:2004, and the occupational health and safety standard OHSAS18001:1999.