De La Rue Currency

As the world's largest commercial currency printer, De La Rue's Currency business has in recent years been involved in the production of more than 150 currencies.

De La Rue Currency provides market-leading banknote paper, printed banknotes and an unparalleled portfolio of banknote security features, including cylinder mould watermarks, security threads, a wide range of printed features and sophisticated optically-variable devices. We work in partnership with our customers, offering associated services in currency management, counterfeit analysis and training, public education, technology partnerships, and design and origination.

De La Rue's banknote design and production facilities are unrivalled in the industry, giving the company the greatest capacity, flexibility and capability to meet its customers' needs. To provide complete customer service, De La Rue Currency works closely with De La Rue Cash Processing Solutions a leading provider of cash sorting equipment and software.

Our aim is simple – to make life easier for our customers and more difficult for the counterfeiter.