Safeguard™– De La Rue’s polymer solution

Following the issue of the Fiji $5 in April 2013 – the first banknote to be issued on De La Rue’s polymer substrate - De La Rue launched Safeguard (the new name for Flexycoin)  at the Currency Conference in Athens in May 2013.  The company developed its first polymer banknote in the late 1970s and Safeguard is the result of an intensive 4 year development and investment programme.  This most recent programme started when it became clear that an increasing number of customers wanted polymer as a substrate and were looking for an alternative source of supply.

In addition to offering choice, De La Rue is the only supplier to offer full vertical integration of polymer design, substrate and printing expertise.  This means that customers benefit from only having to engage with one organisation to meet all their needs – not only saving time but also de-risking the banknote production process.

• Our award winning design expertise ensures that Safeguard notes meet all aesthetic and security criteria by providing the optimal integration of all security features

• Opaque gravure printed layers are applied to the clear substrate to support subsequent printing processes and allow novel design elements using clear window areas in the note

• Established banknote print processes are all compatible with Safeguard

• As a final process, post print varnish is applied to ensure that the printed characteristics are durable

Customer interest for Safeguard is high.  As mentioned above, the polymer Fiji $5 was issued in April 2013 and Dar As-Sikkah - the Moroccan State Print Works - has also printed on Safeguard with a great outcome.  “This joint project has been very successful for both our enterprises” commented Monsieur Lahcen Hadouni, the General Manager of Dar As-Sikkah.

Discussions are on-going with a number of other customers and more Safeguard banknotes will be issued in the coming months.